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Membership Packages and Payment Options

Membership Packages & Pricing


Day Pass


A Day Pass gives you access to all gaming computers and console stations  for a full day!  You can leave, and come back and your day pass will still be active

*available Monday - Thursday, Does not include VR

Virtual Reality Pass

$5.00 / 30 MIN

We currently offer two choices for a Virtual Reality Experience, in the HTC Vive stations, and Playstation VR Helmets. Passes come in 30 minute increments.

For every 2 hours bought we will throw in 30m for free!

Hourly rate

$5.00 / hr

$12.00 / 3 hrs

$20.00 / 6 hrs

Any time you purchase at the hourly rate will be on your account till you use it.  You can come back a week later and still have all your unspent time available!



$20.00 / mo

Get 3 hours up front and reduce your hourly rate to $3/hr and M-Th day passes to $12! Also gain the ability to buy day passes Friday - Sunday for $20. Discounts last for 31 days.


$13.5 / day - Student / Military / EMERGENCY

$4 / hr - Student / Military / EMERGENCY

$12 / day - Members

$3 / hr - Members

Source offers discounts to students, military, and emergency personnel.

UNLIMITED Membership

$150.00 / mo

For those who want to game (mostly) non-stop for a month!  The Unlimited membership frees you of needing to worry about day passes or time.  Play as much as you want on any of the PC's and Consoles for 31 days.  You will also get 2 hours of VR time a month to spend how you want.